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Videos for September 2018

Sept. 21

Spokane Raises New Homes and Hopes

11:35 a.m. - Watch 2:25 - City creates new housing opportunities.

Sept. 12

Becoming a City of Spokane Firefighter

2:39 p.m. - Watch 3:00 - Are you interested in becoming a Spokane Fire Department firefighter? Here is everything you need to know about the application process.

Sept. 7

North Monroe Corridor Opens Early

3:10 p.m. - Watch 13:53 - Celebrate the Monroe Street’s reopening on September 15th!

Sept. 4

10 New Officers Proposed for 2019

4:39 p.m. - Watch 12:51 - Initial 2019 City Budget includes 10 new Police Officers, more dollars for Fire