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Current Project List

Adopt-A-Park 2.0

Revitalize the Adopt-A-Park program to increase community engaged clean-up and safety efforts in parks.


Increase communication, education & demonstration around sustainable green infrastructure in Spokane.

2018 Projects

Rehab Derelict Housing

Zombie house program in coordination with Community Development Block Grants for affordable housing

Project Documents

Walkable + Bike-able Schools

Apply for school safety project grants and collect data for sidewalk needs

Project Documents

Continue with Shadle/Walmart Safety Strategy

Continue CPTED work, expanding from Library and Park into business area

Project Documents

2017 Projects

Project List

  1. Shadle/Walmart safety strategy
    Examination of ways to enhance safety in this business/community asset area
    Team Leader: Boris Borisov, bborisov@spokanecity.org
  2. Dutch Jake's park
    Exploration of ways to enhance safety and restore Spokane's first mini-park!
    Team Leader: Garrett Jones, gjones@spokanecity.org
  3. Health and Safety outreach and education
    Examination of emergency calls and how to better utilize district health services
    Team Leader: Mike Miller, mmiller@spokanecity.org
  4. Youth Services coordination
    Exploration of youth opportunities and how to coordinate opportunities
    Team Leader: Jose Ceniceros, j.ceniceros@me.com
  5. Hearing from Code Enforcement about Community Concerns
    Opportunity to work with District 3 short and long term concerns.
    Team Leader: Doug Prendergast, spokanenwnc@gmail.com
  6. Streets and Spokane Public Schools coordination on school zone speed safety in District 3
    Examining what can be done to specific schools (cited by neighborhood representatives) and collaborate to enhance safety around schools in District 3.
    Team Leader: Mark Davies, msdavies@msn.com

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Gabby Ryan
Community Programs Coordinator