City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 17E
Chapter 17E.070
Section 17E.070.010

Title 17E Environmental Standards

Chapter 17E.070 Wetlands Protection

Section 17E.070.010 Title and Purpose
  1. This chapter shall be known and may be cited as the "Spokane Wetlands Protection Code."

  2. This chapter is based on and implements the City of Spokane’s Comprehensive Plan and shoreline master program as amended from time to time. The purpose of this chapter is to protect the public health, safety and welfare by preserving, protecting and restoring wetlands through the regulation of development and other activities within wetlands and their buffers. This chapter is not intended to create or otherwise establish or designate any particular person, or class, or group of persons who will or should be especially protected or assisted by the terms or provisions of this chapter.  Further, it is the purpose of this chapter through the regulation of development and activities to meet the required goal of no net loss of wetland areas, functions and values.

    1. The City Council finds that wetlands constitute important natural resources which provide significant environmental functions including:

      1. Improving water quality through biofiltration, adsorption, retention and transformation of sediments, nutrients, and toxicants;

      2. maintaining the water regime in a watershed (hydraulic functions) such as reducing peak flows, erosion control, stabilizing stream banks and shorelines, and recharging ground water;

      3. providing general habitat for invertebrates, amphibians, anadromous fish, and resident fish;

      4. providing habitat to aquatic birds and mammals, providing richness of food and supporting food webs; and

      5. providing a place for education, scientific study, and aesthetic appreciation.

  3. The provisions of this chapter shall be liberally construed to effectively carry out its purpose.  If any provisions of this chapter conflict with other regulations, ordinances, or other authorities, the provision that provides more protection to wetlands and wetland buffers shall apply. 

Date Passed: Monday, June 19, 2017

Effective Date: Sunday, July 30, 2017

ORD C35508 Section 1