City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 10
Chapter 10.23A
Section 10.23A.070

Title 10 Regulation of Activities

Chapter 10.23A Amusement Facilities

Section 10.23A.070 Application, Transfer, and Renewal
  1. An entertainment facility license issued under this chapter is not transferable as to person or place.
  2. Application for License.

    1. The application is filed and all applicable license fee(s) are paid to, the office of taxes and licenses.

    2. The chief of police, or designated license officer, does not approve the license until the application has been reviewed and approved by the building official, fire marshal, and director of taxes and licenses as required.
  3. An entertainment facility shall be at all times during normal business hours available for access by any law enforcement.
  4. This chapter is subject to the administrative provisions of chapter 4.04 SMC.

    1. An entertainment facility license may be suspended, revoked, or denied if:

      1. any datum furnished on the application is false or is not updated in a timely fashion;

      2. the structure ceases to comply with all applicable building, fire, and zoning provisions;

      3. any condition of the license, voluntary consent agreement, or community advisory board mitigation agreement issued under this chapter has been violated; or

      4. any provision of this chapter is violated.

    2. Any authorized City official may issue a warning order requiring licensee to correct any condition or practice that presents a threat to the public health or safety.

    3. Authorized City departments may invoke their powers granted under the Spokane Municipal Code to immediately close an entertainment facility if the conditions present an imminent threat to public health and safety.
  5. Renewal of application:

    1. Application for renewal shall be made no later than thirty days prior to expiration of license.

    2. The applicant shall pay all applicable fees.

    3. The applicant must obtain relevant confirmations from the fire department; the building services department; and the police department.

    4. In the event issues and/or complaints against a facility arise which involve the business activities that have occurred prior to or during the renewal period; the community advisory board should first review the issues pursuant to chapter 4.33 SMC. The decision of the community advisory board shall be taken into account in granting or denying a license renewal.

      1. The business will be granted a temporary sixty day license extension for the limited purposes of allowing the business to process the complaints through the community advisory board.
  6. All license fees are non refundable.
  7. Any person required to obtain a license under this chapter and who fails to do so in the time required by this code is subject to payment of interest on the outstanding balance at the rate of one percent per month or part of a month. In addition to the interest, penalties are assessed at the rate of:

    1. Fifteen percent for the amount due for any amount past due more than thirty days; and

    2. Twenty percent for the amount past due more than sixty days.
  8. Penalties and interest provided for in this section are collected as part of the license fee. Collection of the penalties and interest, or discontinuance of the activity, does not excuse noncompliance and is not a defense to prosecution.

Date Passed: Monday, August 15, 2011

Effective Date: Thursday, September 22, 2011

ORD C34759 Section 8