City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 17H
Chapter 17H.010
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(Select All) Title 17H Engineering Standards

(Select All) Chapter 17H.010 Street Development Standards

Section 17H.010.010 Purpose and Applicability
Section 17H.010.020 Design Variance Requests
Section 17H.010.030 Street Layout Design
Section 17H.010.040 Initiation of Street Improvement Projects
Section 17H.010.045 Street Paving LID Waiver Agreement
Section 17H.010.050 Right-of-Way
Section 17H.010.060 Street Width - General
Section 17H.010.070 Street Width –Residential Uses
Section 17H.010.080 Dead-end and Cul-de-sac Streets
Section 17H.010.090 Private Streets and Private Access
Section 17H.010.100 Entrance Gates
Section 17H.010.110 Hillside Development
Section 17H.010.120 On-Street Parking
Section 17H.010.130 Alleys
Section 17H.010.140 Emergency Vehicle Access and Staging Areas
Section 17H.010.150 Roundabouts
Section 17H.010.160 Traffic Calming
Section 17H.010.170 Monuments
Section 17H.010.180 Sidewalks
Section 17H.010.190 Pedestrian Buffer Strips
Section 17H.010.200 Curb Ramps
Section 17H.010.210 Crosswalks
Section 17H.010.215 Regional Trail Crossings
Section 17H.010.220 Driveways
Section 17H.010.230 Street Lighting
Section 17H.010.240 Vertical Clearances
Section 17H.010.250 Horizontal Clearances
Section 17H.010.260 Bicycle Network
Section 17H.010.270 Street Trees