City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 17D
Chapter 17D.060
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(Select All) Title 17D City-wide Standards

(Select All) Chapter 17D.060 Stormwater Facilities

Section 17D.060.010 Purpose/Findings
Section 17D.060.020 Nuisance Declared – Remedy – No Duty
Section 17D.060.030 Standards
Section 17D.060.040 Establishment of Regional Facilities
Section 17D.060.050 Duties of Property Owners – Others – Private Rights Reserved
Section 17D.060.060 Plat and Record Notification Requirements
Section 17D.060.070 Enforcement Authority – Implementation
Section 17D.060.073 Refusal of Entry – Search Warrant
Section 17D.060.075 Enforcement Tracks
Section 17D.060.080 Administrative Hearings Track – Notice of Hearing
Section 17D.060.090 Departmental Hearing
Section 17D.060.100 Appeal
Section 17D.060.110 Provisions Optional – Exhaustion
Section 17D.060.120 Stop Work
Section 17D.060.123 Additional Remedies – Summary Abatement Authorized
Section 17D.060.125 Notification Following Summary Abatement
Section 17D.060.130 Special Drainage Districts (SDD) Designated
Section 17D.060.140 Runoff and Infiltration Controls
Section 17D.060.150 Natural Location of Drainage Systems Requirements
Section 17D.060.160 REPEALED (Major Land-disturbing Activity Requirements in SDDs)
Section 17D.060.170 Exemptions and Waivers
Section 17D.060.180 Determination, Adjustment of SDD Boundaries and Location of Drainageways
Section 17D.060.190 Illicit Discharge(s)
Section 17D.060.200 Violation of Chapter
Section 17D.060.210 City No Guarantor
Section 17D.060.220 Penalties – Further Remedies
Section 17D.060.300 Low Impact Development