City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 16
Chapter 16.55
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(Select All) Title 16 REPEALED (Motor Vehicles)

(Select All) Chapter 16.55 REPEALED (Towing and Impoundment)

Section 16.55.010 REPEALED (Definitions)
Section 16.55.300 REPEALED (Vehicle Immobilization)

Article I. Impounding Unauthorized Vehicles

Section 16.55.070 REPEALED (Posting Requirements – Exception)
Section 16.55.080 REPEALED (Law Enforcement Impound – Private Impound – Master Log – Certain Associations Restricted)
Section 16.55.085 REPEALED (Law Enforcement Impound – Unauthorized Vehicle in Right-of-way)
Section 16.55.090 REPEALED (Storage, Return Requirements – Personal Belongings – Combination Endorsement for Tow Truck Drivers – Viewing Impounded Vehicle)
Section 16.55.100 REPEALED (Impound Notice – Abandoned Vehicle Report – Owner Information – Disposition Report)
Section 16.55.105 REPEALED (Responsibility of Registered Owner)
Section 16.55.110 REPEALED (Notice to Legal and Registered Owners)
Section 16.55.113 REPEALED (Removal by Law Enforcement Officer)

Article II. Redemption Rights and Hearing Procedures

Section 16.55.120 REPEALED (Redemption of Vehicles – Sale of Unredeemed Property – Improper Impoundment)
Section 16.55.130 REPEALED (Notice Requirements – Public Auction Accumulation of Storage Charges)
Section 16.55.140 REPEALED (Operator’s Lien – Deficiency Claim – Liability)

Article III. Records, Inspections, and Enforcement

Section 16.55.150 REPEALED (Vehicle Transaction File)
Section 16.55.160 REPEALED (Availability of Records, Equipment, and Facilities for Audit and Inspection)

Article IV. Junk Vehicle Disposition

Section 16.55.230 REPEALED (Junk Vehicles – Removal – Disposal – Sale)