City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 16
Chapter 16.52
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(Select All) Title 16 REPEALED (Motor Vehicles)

(Select All) Chapter 16.52 REPEALED (Accidents – Reports – Abandoned vehicles)

Section 16.52.010 REPEALED (Duty on Striking Unattended Car or Other Property – Penalty)
Section 16.52.020 REPEALED (Duty in Case of Injury to or Death of Person or Damage to Attended Vehicle or Other Property – Penalties)
Section 16.52.030 REPEALED (Accident Reports)
Section 16.52.040 REPEALED (Accident Reports – Report When Operator Disabled)
Section 16.52.070 REPEALED (Police Officer's Report)
Section 16.52.080 REPEALED (Confidentiality of Reports – Information Required to be Disclosed – Evidence)
Section 16.52.083 REPEALED (Availability of Factual Data to Interested Parties)
Section 16.52.085 REPEALED (Confidentiality of Reports – Fee for Written Information)
Section 16.52.088 REPEALED (Reports – False Information)
Section 16.52.102 REPEALED (Definitions)
Section 16.52.104 REPEALED (Registered Owner Transferring Vehicle Relieved of Liability from Compliance with this Section)
Section 16.52.106 REPEALED (Owner of Record Presumed Liable for Costs when Vehicle Abandoned – Exception)
Section 16.52.108 REPEALED (Appointment of Registered Disposer to Dispose of Vehicles and Hulks)
Section 16.52.110 REPEALED (Stolen and Abandoned Vehicles – Reports of – Notice)
Section 16.52.113 REPEALED (Vehicle Left in Garage for Storage – When Deemed Abandoned – Notices – Disposal)
Section 16.52.116 REPEALED (Disposition of Vehicles – Procedure)
Section 16.52.117 REPEALED (Abandoned Vehicles or Hulks on Private Property)
Section 16.52.1172 REPEALED (Notice of Impoundment – Hearing)
Section 16.52.145 REPEALED (Abandoned Junk Motor Vehicles – Definitions)
Section 16.52.150 REPEALED (Abandoned Junk Motor Vehicles – Authorizing Disposal – Record)
Section 16.52.160 REPEALED (Violations Constituting Abandoning – Evidence – Penalty)
Section 16.52.170 REPEALED (Abandoned Vehicle – Pre-impoundment Notice)
Section 16.52.180 REPEALED (Removal Authorized)
Section 16.52.190 REPEALED (Post-impoundment Notice – Hearing)
Section 16.52.195 REPEALED (Post-impoundment Procedures)
Section 16.52.200 REPEALED (Reacquisition of Vehicle)