City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 16
Chapter 16.44
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(Select All) Title 16 REPEALED (Motor Vehicles)

(Select All) Chapter 16.44 REPEALED (Size, Weight, Load)

Section 16.44.010 REPEALED (Outside Width Limit)
Section 16.44.020 REPEALED (Maximum Height – Impaired Clearance Signs)
Section 16.44.030 REPEALED (Maximum Lengths)
Section 16.44.034 REPEALED (Maximum Lengths – Front and Rear Protrusions)
Section 16.44.036 REPEALED (Combination of Units – Limitation)
Section 16.44.037 REPEALED (Combination of Units – Lawful Operations)
Section 16.44.041 REPEALED (Maximum Gross Weights – Wheelbase and Axle Factors)
Section 16.44.042 REPEALED (Maximum Gross Weights – Axle and Tire Factors)
Section 16.44.043 REPEALED (Cement Trucks Axle Loading Controls)
Section 16.44.050 REPEALED (Minimum Length of Wheelbase)
Section 16.44.060 REPEALED (Outside Load Limits for Passenger Vehicles)
Section 16.44.070 REPEALED (Drawbar Requirements – Trailer Whipping or Weaving – Towing Flag)
Section 16.44.105 REPEALED (Enforcement Procedures – Penalties – Rules)
Section 16.44.110 REPEALED (Liability for Damage to Streets and Alleys, Bridges, etc.)
Section 16.44.120 REPEALED (Liability of Owner, Others, for Violations)
Section 16.44.150 REPEALED (Highway Improvement Vehicles – Gross Weight Limit Excesses Authorized – Limitations)
Section 16.44.170 REPEALED (Mobile Home or Park Model Trailer Movements Special Permit and Decal – Responsibility for Taxes – License Plates – Rules)