City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 16
Chapter 16.12
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(Select All) Title 16 REPEALED (Motor Vehicles)

(Select All) Chapter 16.12 REPEALED (Certificates of Ownership and Registration)

Section 16.12.005 REPEALED (Definitions)
Section 16.12.010 REPEALED (Certificates Required to Operate and Sell Vehicles – Manufacturers or Dealers – Security Interest – How Perfected)
Section 16.12.080 REPEALED (Procedure on Installation of Different Motor)
Section 16.12.101 REPEALED (Transfer of Ownership – How Perfected – Penalty – Exceptions)
Section 16.12.102 REPEALED (Release of Owner from Liability – Requirements For)
Section 16.12.160 REPEALED (Refusal or Cancellation of Certificate – Notice – Penalty for Subsequent Operation)
Section 16.12.250 REPEALED (Ownership of Motor Vehicle by Person Under Eighteen Prohibited – Exceptions)
Section 16.12.260 REPEALED (Sale or Transfer of Motor Vehicle Ownership to Person Under Eighteen Prohibited)
Section 16.12.270 REPEALED (Penalty for Violation of RCW 46.12.250 or RCW 46.12.260)
Section 16.12.300 REPEALED (Serial Numbers on Vehicles, Watercraft, Campers or Parts – Buying, Selling, etc. With Numbers Removed, Altered, etc. – Penalty)
Section 16.12.310 REPEALED (Serial or Other Identification Numbers on Vehicles, Watercraft, Campers, or Parts – Seizure and Impoundment)
Section 16.12.350 REPEALED (Serial or Identification Numbers on Vehicles, Watercraft, Campers, or Parts – Assignment of New Number)