City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 01
Chapter 01.04
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(Select All) Title 01 General Provisions

(Select All) Chapter 01.04 Code of Ethics

Section 01.04.010 Purpose
Section 01.04.020 Definitions
Section 01.04.030 Prohibited Conduct
Section 01.04.040 Complaint Process
Section 01.04.050 Hearing and Subpoena Authority
Section 01.04.060 Penalties for Noncompliance
Section 01.04.065 Recall of Elected Official for Violation of Code of Ethics
Section 01.04.070 Where to Seek Initial Review
Section 01.04.080 Where to Seek Judicial Review
Section 01.04.090 Ethics Committee
Section 01.04.100 Limitation Period
Section 01.04.110 Applicability
Section 01.04.120 Advisory Opinions
Section 01.04.130 Severability