For a Healthy River & Aquifer, get Water Wise, Spokane!

Water Wise Spokane Owl

Keeping our aquifer, the Spokane River, and our region's wider network of waterways clean and safe for all our inhabitants and natural ecosystems is an essential part of the City's sustainability efforts. From the weather events and snowmelt that create seasonal stormwater that must be managed responsibly, to the reduction in overall water use (particularly during the hot summer months) all contribute to ensuring that Spokane's natural resources are protected and conserved.

Water Wise Spokane has resources available to help Spokane Water Department customers reduce their water use and utility bills year-round. This includes rebates on water-efficient equipment upgrades, the SpokaneScape lawn replacement program, water-saving contests and challenges, as well as many helpful conservation tips and tricks for your home and garden. Start saving now and improve your water wisdom inside and outside your home with our programs and rebates.