The City of Spokane Wastewater Department is responsible for collecting, managing and treating wastewater generated throughout our community. We operate the Riverside Park Water Reclamation Facility and a complex system of pipes and pumps that collect wastewater and, in some locations, stormwater.

Our services are designed to protect our local water resources, including groundwater and surface waters, like the Spokane River.

The City is working to improve the health of the Spokane River by transforming its approach to managing stormwater and wastewater that enters the Spokane River. We are developing what's called an Integrated Clean Water Plan that would prioritize projects based on their positive environmental impact to the River.

The City is working to develop a plan that is environmentally and financially responsible. We will make a huge investment in this work and wants to ensure that we are getting the best results for our River and our citizens.

We also are embarking on a major upgrade at our Water Reclamation Facility. We will add an additional level of treatment to improve the water quality of the effluent that we release to the River.

We are committed to operating efficiently and keeping sewer rates affordable for our customers. For information on rates, go to our Utility Billing page. Read our annual report (PDF 2.8 MB) for more information. See the project we have planned for wastewater in our capital plan (PDF 3.2 MB).

Contact Information

Report a wastewater or stormwater problem: 509.625.7900

Wastewater Administration
909 E. Sprague Ave.
Spokane, WA 99202

Riverside Park
Water Reclamation Facility
4401 N. Aubrey L. White Parkway
Spokane, WA 99205

Office hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Administration: 509.625.7900