Ray-Freya Alternatives Analysis

Project planning is just getting under way to analyze the capacities on several major arterials on the South Hill. The project will focus on the Ray, Freya and Regal corridors. The intent is to look for alternatives to the Ray-Freya Crossover project, which had historically been part of the City's 6-Year Arterial Street Plan, but was removed in 2017. The Ray-Freya Crossover would have moved traffic from Ray at 37th to Freya, running near Ferris High School, and was designed to ease traffic congestion.

Over the next six to nine months, City of Spokane staff will collect input and information from business and property owners, surrounding neighborhoods, and the public about what the project could include and how it can help improve transportation and ultimately the vitality of the area.

The analysis work will consider lane configurations, intersection control, roadway widening, new arterial connections, and bicycle and pedestrian improvements.

Currently the City has funding for analysis only. Any projects selected through this process will be added to the 20-year street projects list. Eventual construction work would be partially funded through Transportation Impact Fees, and the City would seek additional construction funding as needed.


Contact Information

Inga Note
Senior Traffic Planning Engineer
Integrated Capital Management