Arterial Curb Ramp Projects - South

Project Number: 2018042

Contractor Bid: $816,101.00

Project Locations
  • 4th Avenue and Howard Street
  • 4th Avenue and Washington Street
  • 29th Avenue and Rebecca Street
  • 29th Avenue and Myrtle Street
  • 29th Avenue and Havana Street
  • Altamont Street and 6th Avenue
  • Altamont Street and 4th Avenue
  • Altamont Street and Pacific Avenue
  • Altamont Street and 1st Avenue
  • Monroe Street and Main Street and Riverside Avenue
  • Cedar Street and 19th Avenue
  • Cedar Street and 18th Avenue
  • Cedar Street and 17th Avenue
  • Cedar Street and 16th Avenue
  • Cedar Street and 15th Avenue
  • Cedar Street and 14th Avenue
  • Cedar Street and 12th Avenue
  • Walnut Pl and 11th Avenue (West)
  • Walnut Pl and 10th Avenue (East)
  • Walnut Pl and 10th Avenue (West)
  • Walnut Street and 9th Avenue
  • Walnut Street and 8th Avenue
  • Walnut Street and 7th Avenue
  • Walnut Street and 6th Avenue
  • Walnut Street and 5th Avenue
  • Maple Street and 9th Avenue
  • Maple Street and 8th Avenue
  • Maple Street and 7th Avenue
  • Maple Street and 6th Avenue
  • Cowley Street and Hartson Avenue
  • Freya Street and 33rd Avenue
  • Freya Street and 32nd Avenue
  • Freya Street and 31st Avenue
  • Freya Street and 30th Avenue
  • Regal Street and Thurston Avenue
  • Regal Street and 39th Avenue
  • Regal Street and 38th Avenue
  • Regal Street and 36th Avenue
  • Regal Street and 35th Avenue
  • Regal Street and 33rd Avenue
  • Regal Street and 32nd Avenue
  • Regal Street and 31st Avenue
  • Regal Street and 30th Avenue

Description: Update curb ramps for ADA compliance on streets where the street department has done grind and overlay projects. Project is funded with local funds.

Status: Construction

Contractor: Bacon Concrete Inc.

Project Manager - Design: Rich Proszek, 509.625.6700,

Project Manager - Construction: Kelly Heitstuman, 509.625.7722

Construction Start Date: Summer 2020

Substantially Completed Date: Fall 2020

Award Date: May 11, 2020

To reduce pavement degradation, the City of Spokane's Pavement Cut Policy is in effect for all street-related projects.