Police Academy Tests Recruit's Resolve

The Spokane Police Department offers comprehensive training for both the community and law enforcement officers. In this section of the SPD website you will find information on public training opportunities as well as law enforcement training opportunities, most of which are held at our training center, the Spokane Police Academy.

Spokane Police Academy
2302 N. Waterworks, Spokane, WA 99212
Phone: 509.742.8100
Fax: 509.742.8184

Law Enforcement Training

Proper training for the men and women of the Spokane Police Department is a top priority for the Department. SPD holds mandatory, department-wide training four times throughout a given year in order to keep officers and other employees up to date on their knowledge and technique with the ultimate goal of protecting and serving citizens.

The largest block of instruction in SPD's most recent training session focused on behavioral health. Behavioral health training was provided by Dr. Matt Layton of the University of Washington and Jan Dobbs, of Frontier Mental Health.

This training also serves as a supplement to the training provided to the departments CIT (Crisis Intervention Training) officers. CIT officers are commissioned personnel given additional training in dealing with vulnerable populations. The CIT Program and training was instituted in 2001 and is updated with new and current information and techniques each year.

The training listed above, along with other relevant and important topics is revisited on a quarterly basis to ensure the best possible training for the men and women of the Spokane Police Department.

Hosted Schools

The Spokane Police Academy hosts numerous schools and classes for other organizations throughout the year. Below are several recent examples. If you are interested in the Spokane Police Academy hosting a course for your organization please call: 509.742.8100.

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