SPD Employee Recognition

Special thanks to citizens who have taken the time to send us a note of thanks for our work to keep the community safe.

Hello Chief Meidl,
I drive a car for STARS (Spokane Treatment and Recovery Services) for the past year, working with Spokane Police every weekend. I appreciate the professionalism and compassion your officers show toward my patients.

—J. S.

Chief Meidl,
I’d like to extend a big “thank you and great work” to the two officers who responded to the crime check call for a drunk male tonight. [Officers Kelsey Walker and Randy Burnworth.] They were calm and polite to the man, even though it’s snowy and freezing. They gave options and quickly (and quietly) handled the situation. Thank you very much, Spokane Police. I’m proud to live in a city with such wonderful officers. Thank you for all you do to keep us safe.

—K. W.

Your department had an encounter with a man I know. He’s been a great father and an inspiration to me. I don’t know what came over him- stress in life can drive us crazy. I saw the body cam video of the encounter and I wanted to praise your men. More departments should take note. I am sorry he hurt someone, but the men showed true restraint and professionalism [Officers Corrigan Mohondro, Richie Plunkett and Reserve Officer Carrie Christiansen.]
—M. O.

My daughter and wife were involved in a collision. SPD Officers Bradley Lewis and [Corporal] Erin Blessing responded and were on scene almost immediately. I would like to commend both officers for the courtesy and compassion they extended to my family members during this very stressful incident. My thanks again to Officers Lewis and Blessing.
—R. K.

Chief Meidl,
I wanted to send an email and tell you how much I appreciate the help we received from the Police Chaplains Department two weeks ago when my father passed away at home. Chaplain Ed Hoffman came to my parents’ house and walked us through what our options were and how to handle the situation. This was our first time dealing with this in our family and it was very overwhelming. Ed was the most compassionate and helpful person I have ever come in contact with. I can’t tell you how much help and guidance he gave us. When you have to deal with a situation like this, you are not always in the best state of mind but people like him make it so much easier. I just wanted to thank you for having this service available and tell you how great Ed was. Thank you so much.

—M. G.

[Records Shift Supervisor Mardee Ellis and Records Day Shift.]
I can barely start on putting into words how thankful I am for your supervision of my students [college student practicum experience.] You and your team are awesome! Willing to go above and beyond expectations. You and your team is just amazing. Thank you for your support.

—H. H.

I am writing this letter to praise Officer Caleb Martin who came to my house in reference to a parking lot hit and run accident to my car. I called Crime Check to make a report and 30 minutes later Officer Martin was at my door. I gave him my witness statement and he followed up. Two hours later, he had all the paperwork from the lady who hit me to give to my insurance company. He was so amiable and friendly. When the officer checked my car for the damage, he noticed I had two different plates on my car. He told me to call Department of Licensing (DOL). DOL stated that the plates were very thin and I may have both plates on the back. When the officer came back, I told him about this. He said, “Let me check to see if I can help with this.” He separated the plates and put one on the front. He was helpful above and beyond his duty.
—M. W.

Chief Meidl,
As someone who recently interacted with your police department while in a mental health crisis, your officers acted with extreme professionalism. I was embarrassing, and your team was stellar. Thank you Spokane Police Department.

—Name Withheld

Chief Meidl,
Yesterday, we were the victims of a rear-ender. The Spokane Police Department was called and Officer [Shaidon] Storch arrived at the scene. Officer Storch’s presence at the scene was an excellent example of what a citizen’s image of a public servant should be in representing a police department: very well dressed, very polite, immediate efforts to put the affected parties at ease, immediately took control of the situation in a non-threatening manner, provided verbal instructions and directions. I trust you are pleased to have personnel of such stature and integrity on your force.

—M. G.

Dear Chief Meidl,
It is obvious that you and your team at the SPD really are committed to the youth of Spokane based on how you are very involved, so thank you. We are a better place because of civil servants like you that care about protecting our city.

—K. B.

I just wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the entire group of wonderful police officers who responded to the car accident I was involved with today. Unfortunately, another car pulled out in front of me today while I was on my way to work at the hospital and caused a wreck for both of us. Luckily, we were both ok and I can now say I know what an airbag to the face feels like. The officers who responded were incredible, so calm, cool, collected and diverted traffic around our mess, checked on both of us, called for tow trucks, EMS for the other driver and even offered to let me wait in their cruisers since it was cold and snowing. They were so relaxed, professional and accommodating when I couldn't find my registration (I got new plates recently) and made me laugh and feel at ease during a very stressful time. Officer Jake Willard was so kind and thorough. Please thank him for me, along with the other two officers that were with him, whose names I did not catch [Officers Seth Killian and Bob Collins]. I know the jobs you have are not easy, and I don't know what it feels like to go to a job everyday where I try to do the right thing, protect and help people, yet could be put in an unsafe situation and expected to be heroic. I thank you so much for everything you all do for our community and especially for the three officers who helped me today, in the freezing snow with smiles on their faces. Thank you.
—M. V.

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