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Spokane Police Department Awards and Medals

The Medal of Valor

The Medal of Valor is the highest recognition of achievement presented by the Spokane Police Department. The Medal of Valor shall be awarded to department employees who distinguish themselves with extraordinary acts of bravery or heroism above and beyond that which is normally expected in the line of duty. Employees must have displayed extreme courage by placing their own safety in immediate peril in the pursuit of their duties.


The Medal of Merit

The Medal of Merit shall be awarded to department employees who distinguish themselves by meritorious achievement. The meritorious achievement can be for a single exceptional act or a series of actions completed in order to accomplish a difficult project or program that brings credit upon the department either internally, externally or both.


The Lifesaving Medal

The Lifesaving Medal shall be awarded to department employees who, by their immediate actions, have saved a human life under unusual and/or extraordinary circumstances. The action must have been personally performed by the employee. The life-sustaining action must be confirmed by a competent authority.


The Silver Star

The Silver Star shall be awarded to department employees who have displayed courageous actions, which were above and beyond that which is normally expected of an employee. These acts of courage do not rise to the level of the voluntary risk of life requirements for the Medal.


The Purple Heart

The Purple Heart shall be awarded to department employees who receive a wound or injury of a degree necessitating hospitalization or the immediate care of a physician. This injury must be of a serious nature capable of causing death or extended disability. To qualify for this award, the wound or injury must have appeared to have been caused by the deliberate actions of another in an attempt to cause injury to the employee or some other person, thing, or property; or in the attempted apprehension of said person; or in an attempt to save a human life placing oneself in immediate peril.


The Chief's Citation

The Chief's Citation shall be awarded to the members of a team or unit for participating in an incident, event, or series of events or project, which has a substantial positive impact on the community or the police department. The incident, event, or series of events or project will be superior in nature and further the department's mission and overall effectiveness.


Distinguished Service

The Distinguished Service Medal is awarded to employees who have demonstrated outstanding sustained and exemplary performance along with diligence and devotion to duty. The performance should exceed normal demands required or expected over an extended period of time. Recipients must have at a minimum, ten years of service with the Spokane Police Department to be eligible for this award. Additionally, employees may only be considered at a minimum of every ten years after the initial award of the DSM. This time requirement is in keeping with the spirit of the award being given for service “over an extended period of time.”


Community Service

The Community Service Medal is awarded to employees for an act or achievement in the community beyond the normal call of duty which brings credit to the Spokane Police Department or the City of Spokane. Such act or achievement has come about due to voluntary action for which the employee received no compensation.


Employee of the Year Award


Employee of the Quarter

The Employee of the Quarter Award is given for a specific act of unusual meritorious service; a specific project of significance to the community, city, or department; or for sustained superior performance of assigned duties. From the four Employees of the Quarter, the Employee of the Year is chosen.

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