Spokane Man with Extensive Criminal History Back In Jail

Sgt. Terry Preuninger, PIO

Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 7:49 p.m.

A Spokane man with an extensive local criminal history is back in jail after committing an assault during a road rage incident three days after being released from jail.

Erik D. Mahoney, has an EXTENSIVE criminal history, and the Spokane Police Department Domestic Violence Unit arrested him after they developed probable cause for Felony Harassment, DV for threatening to kill his wife, see Police report #2020-20044455. 

The DV Unit arrested Mahoney for the Felony Harassment DV charge and a Department of Corrections warrant on March 18th.  The prosecutor then asked for a $100k bond on Mahoney for the Felony Harassment DV charge due to the circumstances of his arrest.  When he went to his first appearance arraignment however, he was released on his own recognizance.  The Department of Corrections warrant was dropped and he was out of jail on March 19th.   Days later on March 22nd while Mahoney was driving around town on a suspended license he was involved in a road rage incident, which fortunately happened to occur in front some SPD Officers.  In that incident he threatened and assaulted the other driver. The officers arrested him and he was booked into jail, see report #2020-20049911.  This time he was given a bond and is still in custody.

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