SPD Makes Several Arrests At NorthTown Mall

Cpl. Ronald Van Tassel

Wednesday, December 11, 2019 at 2:53 p.m.

On Tuesday December 10th Officers responded to JC Penny for a shoplifting incident that spiraled out of control. Five juveniles were detained for stealing just under $400 worth of merchandise. While detaining the juveniles, Security was spit on by two different juveniles and another one hit security. Once inside the Office one of the mothers (41-year-old Laura M Hall) showed up at the store. She had her boyfriend (47-year-old Kenneth P Mankin) come to the store with her. Hall started pounding on the security door and was yelling at security. Hall then picked up a 5-foot long bench that was outside the Office. She then used the bench like a battering ram and tried to break the door down. That was not working so Hall grabbed a metal stanchion from the beauty shop. Hall started to swing the stanchion wildly, hitting the door repeatedly. Hall was not able to get the door open so she tried to get Mankin to hit the door. While trying to get Mankin to help, Hall shoved Mankin and hit him several times. Mankin then picked up the same stanchion and started to slam the door repeatedly. This caused major damage to a very heavy security door. The door was finally forced open.

While Hall and Mankin were trying to break down the door, the juveniles inside the Office were causing Chaos. They started flipping the desk over, throwing items, jumping on top of the furniture and taking the phone from security. They were screaming, swearing, and continuing to assault security. Once Officers arrived onscene they were able to get the melee under control.

After an investigation 2 juveniles were booked or Robbery. 3 of them were charged with misdemeanor theft. Hall was charged with disorderly conduct, malicious mischief for the damage to the door and for DV assault for hitting Mankin. Mankin had fled the scene and charges are being filed against him for malicious mischief as well for his part in the damage to the door.

Attached are photos of the damage to the door and the two items used to damage it.

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