Reserve Officers

The Reserve program is comprised of men and women who either aspire to be police officers or want to serve on the front line. Reserves are comprised of community members who volunteer their time to fulfill many of the roles handled by full-time, sworn police officers.

Requirements for becoming a reserve officer:

  1. Pass the physical agility assessment - the physical agility test includes pushups (minimum 21), sit-ups (minimum 30 in 60 seconds), a sprint (300 meters in 71 seconds or less) and a 1.5 mile run (14:31 or less.) You must pass this test in order to continue processing.
  2. Apply - Applications are passed out after your completed physical agility assessment. When you return your Personal History Form (includes credit, criminal and traffic checks as well as personal and employer reference forms), a background investigation is also completed.
  3. Complete the following tests - a polygraph, oral board, psychological testing, medical screening and a review by the Chief of Police.
  4. Attend the Reserve Academy - applicants then attend a 270 hour Reserve Officer Academy. Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening classes (6 - 10 p.m.) and all day Saturdays cumulates with a certification examination administered by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission prior to graduation. A Reserve Officer is fully commissioned while on duty. Probationary Reserve Officers continue their training with a mentoring program allowing them to progress to a Level II Reserve Officer. The second Wednesday of each month is also a training meeting. While we realize that there are no “perfect” candidates, we are seeking individuals from all segments of our society who have shown a high degree of honesty, integrity and a desire to work hard in attaining their potential.

Please review the Spokane Police Department Drug Usage Standards (PDF 38 KB). Please read, consider and evaluate these and how they may specifically apply to you.

Get directions to the academy.

Apply to be a Volunteer! Call 509.363.8283

The Spokane Police Department hires and hosts a Reserve Academy once a year, usually in the Fall. If you are interested in becoming a Reserve Officer, please contact the Volunteer Services Unit at 509.363.8283 to be put on an interest list. We will notify you when we start testing for the next Academy.

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