Internal Affairs Complaints

The Spokane Police Department welcomes inquiries from the community concerning the performance of our employees. Investigation of these situations often allows us to assess the actions our employees with the ultimate objective of improving service. For more information on the Personnel Complaint Procedure, please visit our website and view Policy 1020 of the current Policy Manual.

To submit a complaint, please fill out the IA Complaint Form. You will soon be contacted about your complaint by the Internal Affairs investigator

Effective 2016, Spokane Police Department began posting summaries of IA cases to protect the information of those involved in complaints. Closed Case Summaries provide information misconduct complaints that are investigated by Internal Affairs. A Closed Case Summary is created for every case and is posted after the case has been completed. Summaries provide information about a complaint, including the incident synopsis, the investigation, and the conclusion. SPD designed the summaries after the Seattle Police Department's website.

Note: The Internal Affairs Unit is posting current case summaries while continuing to work on the backlogs for 2016 and 2017. Please check back occasionally for the updated listings. (Updated: March 15, 2018)







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Contact Information

Lt. S. J. Wohl
Lieutenant, Internal Affairs
Spokane Police Department
1100 West Mallon
Spokane, Washington 99260

Police Ombudsman

Office of Police Ombudsman provides independent civilian oversight for Spokane Police Department conduct-related matters. The Police Ombudsman's duty is to ensure that investigations are timely, thorough and objective. You can learn more by visiting