Metal Detecting Policy

NO metal detecting in:

  • Riverfront Park
  • Highbridge / Peoples Park
  • Established flower beds or formal gardens, including:
    • In Manito Park: Duncan Garden, Rose Hill, Ferris Perennial Garden, Japanese Garden and Lilac Garden
    • In Woldson Park: Moore Turner Heritage Garden


  • No permit is required; however, metal detecting activity in parks is a privilege that can be revoked if these rules, Park Rules under Section 12.06A.040 of Spokane Municipal Code, and other applicable laws and regulations are not followed.
  • Digging or soil disturbance of any nature is not allowed on riverbanks or archeologically sensitive areas.
  • Metal detecting activities cannot interfere with other park use or activities.
  • Only “probes” such as a screwdriver no larger than 3/8" diameter are allowed. Shovels, trowels, plug cutters and knives are not permitted. Metal must be removed with minimal sod disturbance. Sod may not be lifted in any manner. There should be no noticeable impact to park property resulting from metal detecting activity.
  • Trash and scrap metals must be removed and disposed of in an appropriate manner.

Failure to comply with above regulations is a misdemeanor subject to fine.

For more information, contact Park Operations at 509.363.5455.