SpokAnimal Dog Park at High Bridge

What a Dog Park is, and is not

With the advent of the sunny skies, the dog park will be busier than ever. Please review What a Dog Park is, and is not by Carol Byrnes, SpokAnimal dog training expert, for information on the following:

  • Reading dog body language in a dog park situation
  • Being a friendly, well-socialized dog owner
  • Tips for a good dog park experience

About the Dog Park

On December 27, 2010, a 3-year contract between SpokAnimal C.A.R.E. and the City of Spokane Parks and Recreation Department marked the beginning of the first dog park within the City of Spokane.

At the Dog Park Dedication on January 13, 2011, SpokAnimal was revealed as the namesake donor of the new dog park. SpokAnimal donated $40,000, making it possible to begin Phase I of development. Installation of fencing for the safety of our best friends and the security of the community has been completed.

Eagle Scout Project Brings Picnic Tables to Park

He may resemble Justin Bieber, but don't let that fool you: 14 yr. old Keign Vedvick is not your typical teenager. While other middle schoolers spend the winter months searching out tasty powder on their snowboards, Keign (pronounced “cane”) spent November through April searching out possible donors for Trex building materials. After seeing a news story about the dog park's lack of sitting areas, he decided that he would like to take on his final Eagle Scout project by building nine picnic benches for the new park. It's amazing that a 14 yr. old can complete his Eagle Scout requirements (usually completed at age 17), what's even more amazing is the way this kid wields a tape measure.

On Friday April 8, Keign, along with his father and two fellow boy scouts, piled up almost 1000 lbs. of Trex onto a truck and hauled it out to SpokAnimal Dog Park at High Bridge. From there they met with SpokAnimal Outreach Coordinator Bridgette Bossio, and SpokAnimal Director of Education, Carol Byrnes, and scoped out where they would like the new benches.

Amidst turning saw blades and the sounds of electric drills and screwdrivers, Keign and his crew took the better part of one of their spring break days off to assemble and complete the new benches. Folks in the dog park during the marathon work assembly came over to thank him - he even got a couple of licks too. The benches are a much needed addition to the busy park. Even during the gloomy early spring months, you could find up to 100 people and their pooches at the park. Now with the weather getting nicer, the park will be busier than ever, and the shady respite that the benches provide are a great place for the animal community to meet and swap doggie stories.


  1. Take Riverside west from downtown.
  2. Look for “A” Street and turn left.
  3. If you are coming on Government Way, turn east on Riverside; look for “A” street and turn right.

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The Master Plan

The project began when the Spokane Parks Foundation awarded a $12,000 grant for development of the Master Plan for the Dog Park. There are separately designated areas for small and medium to large dogs, and a parking lot with plenty of space for dog park users.

As additional funding becomes available, future development of SpokAnimal's Dog Park at High Bridge may include a hiking trail, splash pads, agility equipment, community gardens, picnic tables/public areas and more.