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My favorite places to go in Pet-Friendly Spokane!

Otis Woodward, Unofficial Mayor’s Office Mascot, No Phone Number Available

Monday, August 22, 2022 at 4:23 p.m.

My favorite places to go in Pet-Friendly Spokane!

Hi everyone! My name is Otis, and I have the best mom in the whole world. Not only does my mom love me and spend time playing with me, but she also runs the coolest city, Spokane! You guessed it; my mom is Mayor Woodward.

A little about me: I am a doodle mix and a rescue from the Higher Ground Animal Sanctuary. Everyone at the shelter was so nice to me while I waited for my forever home. Once Mayor adopted me, I got to start loving my brand-new family. In my free time, I love learning to swim, cuddling up on the couch, and even going to the dog park!

Now enough about me, I’m here to tell you about how Spokane just became the third city in Washington to be certified as a Pet-Friendly City! Thanks to Mars Petcare and the Better Cities for Pets program, we are now part of a small group of cities nationwide that is recognized for our efforts to make Spokane welcoming to not only our humans, but our pets too!

The assessment included looking at how friendly our parks, businesses, housing, and overall accessibility is to me and my furry friends. In our City, we have lots of areas that are welcoming to pets like me. With over 87 city parks and 4 state parks, we are welcome to explore and sniff around to our heart’s content (as long as we’re on our leashes). In addition to that, there are lots of pet-friendly businesses and breweries such as Brick West and NoLi! As more and more businesses here in Spokane become pet friendly, I get to spend my day doing fun activities with my family. I am especially excited for my first Spokane Parks and Recreation Doggie Dip Day, where I get to jump into the swimming pools right before they shut down at the end of the season!

Since being rescued, some of my favorite activities in Spokane are:

  1. Going to Bark! A Rescue Pub and hanging out while my family eats and donates to the rescue
  2. Running around the dog park and getting very excited for the new urban dog park to open in Riverfront Park
  3. And after that, visiting my favorite food truck, Fetch Barkery (they make the best treats)

Now that we are a recognized Pet City, we have the opportunity to get funding for a project that will help enhance Spokane for pets like me and our owners. Stay tuned to find out what that project might be, and how it will directly help animals like me here in our community. In the meantime, check out Better Cities for Pets and learn about what different cities across the nation are doing to help our pets!

If you are a pet friendly business and would like the official seal letting people know that me and my furry friends can come on in, please email mayor@spokanecity.org so we can send you the logo!

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