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Ten Reasons to Visit the New Central Library

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Thursday, August 4, 2022 at 3:20 p.m.

Ten Reasons to Visit the New Central Library

Libraries are evolving. When you think of a library you usually think of quiet places where a librarian would shush you if you were too loud. Now any age can enjoy and learn about the new resources at the Central Library located in downtown Spokane. From play areas to recording studios, the Central Library has got it all! The traditional books are still there, don't worry. However, the downtown library has transitioned to promote a community space where we can all gather to work, inspire, and play. You can enjoy all these cool new services with a library card, which you can get online or in–person when you visit any Spokane Public Library location.

  1. The Library of Things

    On the Spokane Public Library website there is A Library of Things. As stated on the website, "It’s not your typical library." The Library of Things is online and here you can check out things like musical instruments or Discover Passes to take on your hike. You can rent these items just like a book! When you get the Library of Things website, you need to locate the sidebar that is titled "Refine Results." Select "Physical Object" from the list if you would like to check out a thing.
  2. The New Leaf Café

    The New Leaf Café is a new addition to the library. This café is special because it provides jobs for women who don’t have traditional work experience. Their goal is to provide these women with hands–on experience in a café. When you buy from The New Leaf Café you are helping someone turn over a new leaf. New Leaf is a program of Transitions.
  3. Media Production Rooms

    A main attraction of the third floor is the suite of state-of-the-art media rooms. They include a production studio, recording studio, and a video studio, where you can record podcasts, songs, and edit videos. You can even edit videos happening live!
  4. Multipurpose Meeting Space

    One of the most requested renovations of the library is various rooms for any kind of meeting. The new Central Library location features an art studio, the business lab, a conference room, a computer lab, a workplace, five small study rooms, two event rooms, the social stairs equipped with a projector to present auditorium–style, and a stage for bigger events!
  5. River Rumpus Play Area

    Do your kids have the wiggles? Take them to the second floor to the River Rumpus children's play area! It is fully equipped with a slide, special play area for toddlers, and more.
  6. The Business Lab

    The business lab is located on the first floor of the library kitty corner to the computer lab. The business lab is a space for entrepreneurs to learn about how to start a business, business registration and much more from the onsite business services librarian.
  7. Panoramic Event Space

    Outside of the video studio there is a stage with a beautiful view of the Spokane River. The nx?yx?yetk? Hall can hold events like book or poetry readings, plays, conferences, graduations, and more!
  8. Special Collections & Historical Records

    If you're looking for your long–lost family, the third floor of the Central Library is the place to look. Along with the special collections and historical records, the library offers help with your genealogy. Your family won't be lost for long! If you're a history buff this is the place for you!
  9. Volunteer at the library!

    Anyone can volunteer to help. The library offers volunteer positions in the computer lab, programs for children, shelving books / materials and much more. Visit the library volunteer site to see the available volunteer positions and to fill out an application!
  10. The Books (Duh)

    The second floor is where you'll find the most traditional part of the library–the books. Find your own corner to enjoy a new story. There is also an area for teens with their own computers and diner–like booths to relax in.

Even if you can't make it to the Central library in person, explore the digital universe of the Spokane Public Libraries. You can stream eBooks, movies, audiobooks, and more by visiting the Explore All Digital library page.

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