Jerry Swanson

DUI Emphasis

Jerry Swanson, SPD Public Information Assistant, 509.610.9451

Wednesday, January 5, 2022 at 2:58 p.m.

61% of roadway fatalities in Spokane, Pend Oreille & Whitman counties between 2016 -2020 were caused by impaired driving. Holiday party time doesn’t have to mean holiday tragedy time. If you drink or consume other substances, plan ahead and don’t drive drunk or drugged. SPD conducts impaired driving emphasis patrols during traditional times of the year when people are partying - New Years, graduations, etc. A common misconception with DUI's is that they only involve drinking and driving. Many DUI's involve multiple intoxicants. In many cases, especially in a state where it is legal, drivers are found with marijuana in their system, which qualifies as a DUI.

Responsible driving comes down to choosing to make simple decisions in advance to protect you and your friends from driving under the influence. These decisions include offering a ride, offering your couch for the night, or calling an Uber or other rideshare. No matter what time of year, please drink responsibly and arrange for a sober ride home. We want you to enjoy your time with your friends and family but get home safely by having a designated driver.

DUI officers respond to all fatal collisions and to many crashes to determine if impairment played a role in the collision. SPD made 527 DUI arrests, which included 8 fatalities, in a one year period ending 09-30-2021.

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