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The City honors its outstanding employees

David Condon, Mayor, No Phone Number Available

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 at 4:32 p.m.

It takes an entire community to build the City of Choice. Here at the City of Spokane, it is an honor and pleasure to work alongside so many amazing employees who are committed to that very cause, and who help make Spokane safer, stronger, and smarter every day.

This week, we once again honored our employees and their accomplishments at the 3rd Annual City of Spokane Employee Recognition Awards. Congratulations to the winners and everyone who was nominated for their service to Spokane in 2015. Thank you for everything that you do for our citizens.

Here are the Employees of the Year for 2015:

  • Linc Gaylord - 2015 Employee of the Year
  • Gary Kaesemeyer - 2015 Manager of the Year
  • Skyler Oberst and Blaine Stum - 2015 Diversity Award
  • Engineering Services Team 2015 Teamwork Award
  • Lars Hendron - 2015 Professional Integrity Award
  • City Hall Building Maintenance & Custodial Team - 2015 Customer Service Award
  • Melissa Owen - 2015 Community Award
  • Dan Buller - 2015 Innovation Award

Here are all the nominees for each of our award areas:

Teamwork Award

  • Engineering Services Team
  • City & Library IT Team
  • Andrew Worlock & Teri Stripes
  • Jane Nordling
  • Angela Cline

Innovation Award

  • Dan Buller
  • Andrew Worlock, Teri Stripes, Boris Borisov & Melissa Owen

Community Award

  • Sheila Morley
  • Melissa Owen
  • Officer Jennifer DeRuwe

Customer Service Award

  • Solid Waste Collection Clerical Staff
  • Cindy Brazington
  • Developer Services Team
  • City Hall Building Maintenance & Custodial Team

Professional Integrity Award

  • Ken Brown
  • Lars Hendron
  • Tirrell Black

2015 Employee of the Year Award

  • Teresa Collins
  • Linc Gaylord

2015 Manager of the Year Award

  • Kathy Knox
  • Wastewater Maintenance Supervisor Team
  • Justin Bingham
  • Gary Kaesemeyer
  • Louis Meuler
  • Mike Lowdon
  • May Chan-Palmer
  • Kyle Twohig
  • Dave Steele
  • Jeffrey Bailey
  • Gina Dempsey
  • Linc Gaylord
  • 3rd annual employee award David Wolff
  • 3rd annual employee award Engineering Team
  • 3rd annual employee award

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