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CHHS: Director’s Update – February 2016

Rob Crow, Community, Housing & Human Services Acting Director, No Phone Number Available

Thursday, February 25, 2016 at 1:51 p.m.

CHHS: Director’s Update – February 2016

It is hard to believe it is almost March already; it seems like New Year's Day was yesterday. Much has happened already this year and much more will be in the coming weeks and months. The following are the highlights:

RFP Feedback Dialogue
The CHHS Board and Evaluation & Review Committee hosted a Feedback Dialogue late last month on the Combined (CDBG and Human Service Grant) RFP and the HHOS (Homeless Housing, Operations and Services) RFP. It was a chance for agencies that participated in the RFPs and the Board and Committee Members to share their thoughts with one another on what went well and what needs improvement. The Board and Department will endeavor to build upon the successful elements and incorporate the suggestions for improvement into our future RFPs. Some of the notable recommendations for improvement included:

  • An application question asking the impact to the community of project not receiving requested funding
  • Better coordination across and, where possible, continuity between the RFPs
  • Though continuous improvement is good, recognition of the benefit to predictability and consistency
  • Improved translation of “government” to English
  • More detail on funding priorities, desired outcomes, and eligible activities for specific funding sources (especially for Combined RFP)
  • Advance communication of scoring rubric and evaluation process

CHHS Director Search
The search for a permanent director moved into high gear today with in-person interviews of the 3 finalist candidates. The goal is to forward the top candidate to City Council for approval so he/she can start in early- to mid-March.

Public Hearing - 2016 Action Plan
The Public Hearing for the 2016 Action Plan will be held during the regularly scheduled CHHS Board meeting on March 2nd at 4:00 in the Council Briefing center in City Hall. There will be a brief overview of the projects selected last fall as part of the Combined RFP and a review of the 2014 performance as detailed in the most recent CAPER (Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report). Everyone is welcome to attend and will have an opportunity to make public comments for the record regarding the plan.

As always, please feel free to contact me directly via email or at 509.625.6814 if you have any questions or suggestions for how the CHHS department can better achieve our goal of supporting Spokane's low- and moderate income citizens.

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