Monique Cotton

New Police precinct opens in Hillyard

Monique Cotton, Public Information and Communication Director, Spokane Police Departme, No Phone Number Available

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at 10:01 a.m.

New Police precinct opens in Hillyard

The North “Hillyard” Police Precinct is now open to the public, marking another important step forward for the Spokane Police Department and the City of Spokane. The North “Hillyard” Precinct becomes the second Spokane Police precinct to open in the city of Spokane. The first was the Downtown Precinct, opened in June of 2013.

The location, at the corner of Market Street and Diamond Avenue, will give SPD a greater, more visible presence in the Hillyard area. The precinct will house a police captain, two detectives, three lieutenants, and one front desk officer. The four Neighborhood Conditions Officers (NCOs) assigned to north Spokane will continue to work in Spokane C.O.P.S. Shops nearby and in close consultation with the North Precinct.

With the opening of the new precinct, neighbors will have better access to their Police Department, and officers will have more opportunity to reach out and form relationships with the community we serve.

Using neighborhood locations as a tool to remove barriers is a model we piloted with the Downtown Police Precinct. It’s a model that is helping SPD continue to reduce crime and engage with Spokane's citizens.

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