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Sportsman's Warehouse to bring economic boost to Spokane

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Friday, August 1, 2014 at 10:56 a.m.

Sportsman's  Warehouse to bring economic boost to Spokane

What was once the site for a small neighborhood carnival will soon become a new commercial center that will benefit the surrounding areas of North Spokane. Located between E. Lyons Avenue and E. Wedgewood Avenue along Division Street, the plan will develop the existing lot by adding a restaurant and two businesses and parking areas.

One of the new businesses coming to the area is the Sportsman's Warehouse. This new business will be next to the existing building on the lot in a new building currently being constructed. Sportsman's Warehouse may likely draw more people to the area that possibly wouldn't have come before, and should provide more jobs and boost the economy in that neighborhood.

Along with Sportsman's Warehouse, there will be space for another large business and plans for a restaurant space as well. Extra space in the lot will house plentiful parking with a main point of access from Division Street with additional access from Wedgewood Avenue and Lyons Avenue. This project will clean up a barely used lot into a beautiful commercial area for people from all over Spokane to enjoy.

The City of Spokane is working to clean up empty lots in Spokane and repurpose them into positive commercial areas to help the neighborhoods they are located in, benefitting each neighborhood for years to come. Look for other areas around Spokane that will be undergo new land-use by visiting the City's project page.

For more information on this project look online at the Sportsman's Warehouse Preliminary Plan

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