Pradeep Hatcher

The SRTC Interactive Online Bike Map

Pradeep Hatcher, Public Information Assistant, No Phone Number Available

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 4:39 p.m.

The SRTC Interactive Online Bike Map

Using the bike map of Spokane this year is as easy as taking your smartphone along for the ride.

With more and more people using smartphones to navigate through life, the Spokane Regional Transportation Council (SRTC) took a new approach to publishing a bike map this year. Instead of printing hardcopy maps, they created an interactive online map, which can be taken anywhere, as long as you have your handheld device.

The 2014 Spokane Regional Bike Map will help cyclists navigate Spokane's biking network, made up of bike lanes, pathways, recreational trails, and roadways.

The map will let users zoom in to a neighborhood to find the best bicycling options in that area to get to work or just to ride for fun. Cyclists can even look for bike routes with the least amount of traffic.

Local trails such as the Centennial and Fish Lake trails are included on the map along with information on trail amenities. As new trail segments are completed, they will be added to the SRTC bike map.

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