Brandon Blankenagel

Commute of the Century!

Brandon Blankenagel, Senior Engineer, Integrated Capital Management, No Phone Number Available

Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 3 p.m.

Commute of the Century!

Commute of the Century, a bicycle tour of Spokane, is a group ride and/or a self-guided tour. This new Bike to Work Week event is brought to you by Eye Consultants. Join us for "extended lunch hour" group rides during Bike to Work Week to explore Spokane's bicycle infrastructure over six routes across the city. This ride is meant for all riders, including those newly interested in commuting, somewhat experienced, or well seasoned to riding Spokane's streets. Come test your mettle as a commuter, and share your experience with others in the cycling community. Ride all six routes and you've just covered 100 miles of Spokane!

By getting folks out in the street, the City hopes to gather opinions regarding the quality of service provided by our present infrastructure. A survey will be distributed for each route to facilitate feedback on comfort, sense of belonging, ease of use, wayfinding, completeness, and other important elements of the cycling experience.

If you're the goal-oriented type, you can earn the prodigious "Commute Centurion" award, signifying a solid command of commuting! This means completing the full tour (all six routes) and accompanying surveys. Participation in the formal rolling tour is NOT required. Ride the routes on your own time with your own friends if you prefer. Please share your experience with us, though, by completing the tour and surveys prior to July 31.

Registration will be available from early April through May 12. Stay tuned for further information.

For more information or to register, visit the Commute of the Century page.

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