Marlene Feist

The Melt is On; Watch for Standing Water

Marlene Feist, Utilities Communications Manager, No Phone Number Available

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at Noon

The Melt is On; Watch for Standing Water

With temperatures rising and rain expected, the snow melt is on. That means City Wastewater Management crews are on the lookout for standing water, particularly at the bottom of hills and in intersections.

Since the ground is still frozen, nearly all the snow melt runs down streets and to the storm drains. So, drains clogged with snow, ice or other debris can cause localized flooding problems.

City crews work to clear these drains and vacuum up the excess water. Their “vac trucks” can hold up to about 2,500 gallons of water.

Residents can also minimize pooling water in their neighborhoods by clearing away snow from nearby storm drains to provide an easier path for excess water.

If you see a flooded intersection or street within the City, don't drive through it; your vehicle could stall. But please do call the Wastewater Management Department at 509.625.7900 to report it.