Spokane Mayor David Condon is providing the following statement about the City Council’s approval of an ordinance that addresses the starting wages, pay for work outside of normal duties, and job offer letters for senior managers at the City:

“Once again, Council has refused to listen to the recommendations of its professional staff, who in this case are charged with developing a 21st Century Work Force to lead us into the future. The positions and salary ranges for senior management professionals already are approved in the annual budget process and through required budget amendments; the final details of a person’s employment rightly belong with the administrative functions of the government, not with the policy makers. Back in May, I proposed a system for external review of salaries for senior management positions, which would provide critical transparency for the public. Instead, Council moved ahead with a proposal that focuses more on personalities than qualifications, potentially driving away job candidates. It is unfortunate that neither the administration nor the public saw the final version of this ordinance until the day it was voted on.”