What is the Community Assembly

Community Assembly meetings are hosted on digital platforms until officials have deemed it safe to gather again. If you are interested in virtually attending, contact the Office of Neighborhood Services: Neigh.Svcs@spokanecity.org.

The Community Assembly is a coalition of independent Neighborhood Councils and serves as a forum for discussion of issues of broad interest. Each Neighborhood Council selects one representative and a designated alternate to serve on the Community Assembly. Representatives are expected to represent the interests of their respective Neighborhood Council.


  1. Review and recommend an action, policy, or plan to the city council neighborhood committee, the City and any City agency, commission, or board on any matter affecting the city.
  2. Support and promote citizen participation and neighborhood enhancement.
  3. Promote and facilitate open communication between the City and neighborhood councils and provide the primary means of communication between individual neighborhood councils.
  4. Support and assist, as requested, individual neighborhood councils in becoming recognized and in performing their functions and responsibilities.
  5. Serve as an information resource to neighborhood councils.

Community Assembly Policies and Procedures

Download our Policies and Procedures (PDF 1.2 MB).

Representative Handbook

Download the Representative Handbookrevised October 2022 (PDF 1.8 MB).


Community Assembly meets on the first Thursday of every month at 5:30 p.m. Meetings are held virtually on Webex, calendar and link.

Community Assembly Representatives

To find out your neighborhood representative, please view the Neighborhood Council page and click on your neighborhood council name.

Community Assembly Liaisons

CA Equipment Check Out System

All CA Equipment will be stored at the Northeast Community Center (NECC). The NECC will oversee the checkout and check-in of all Equipment.

To reserve equipment, please contact Rosel:
Phone: 509.487.1603 ext. 204
Email: ramor@necommunitycenter.net

Items of Interest