Administrative Priorities

It is an honor to serve the citizens of Spokane, and I am grateful for the opportunity to lead our incredible community. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but Spokane has never shied away from a challenge.

The strength of our community will depend on the willingness to collaborate, remain transparent, and stay accountable to the priorities of our community. It will truly be a team effort if we want to see long-term solutions. We are all connected as citizens of Spokane, and when we work together, we will make our City stronger.

4 Key Initiatives

My Administration will focus on four main priorities:

  • Homelessness - Move toward finding balance between the needs of all of our citizens – those who work, shop, or recreate in the City; those who own property or own businesses; and those experiencing homelessness
  • Housing - Increase availability of housing of all types to community residents, regardless of income level, in an environment that is safe, clean, and healthy
  • Economic Development - Ensure businesses, both new and existing, feel connected and valued in our community to continue economic growth
  • Public Safety - Provide all our public safety responders with tools to do their jobs effectively to ensure all citizens feel safe and comfortable

These four issues all inter-relate to one another. You cannot look at homelessness without addressing housing. And you cannot improve housing without a strong economy. And a stronger economy requires supporting and increasing our public safety response. But together, we will get it done.

Mayor Four Quadrants

Contact Information

Mayor Nadine Woodward
Spokane City Hall
808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd.
Spokane, WA 99201