A Bicycle Tour of Spokane

Commute of the Century

Commute of the Century, a bicycle tour of Spokane, is a group ride and/or a self-guided tour brought to you by Eye Consultants. Join us for lunch hour group rides during Bike to Work Week to explore Spokane's bicycle infrastructure over five routes across the city. A Centurion Challenge is also available, which connects all five routes and explores much of Spokane’s bicycle infrastructure in a 100-mile adventure!

Your Voice Matters!

Commute of the Century has two important purposes:

  1. Gather public opinion regarding the quality of service provided by our bicycle infrastructure. The City of Spokane is using feedback from this event to help direct transportation planning. Cycling, as a transportation mode, holds many inherent challenges. It is the city's goal to develop bicycle routes that are understandable and useful for bike riders. Each ride of this event will be accompanied by a survey questionnaire.
  2. Bring the cycling community together to celebrate the advancements of cycling in Spokane. Over the past several years our bicycle infrastructure has been growing. The downtown hub, and several spokes into the community have been developed. Greenways are being considered, and gaps in our shared-use paths are being filled. There is even green paint on the ground! We are recognized as a "Bicycle Friendly Community". Our bicycle community includes all types of cyclists, with lots of experiences to share. Gathering this collective mindset will benefit this feedback opportunity.

Bike to Work Week Group Ride

Schedule an extended lunch hour (each ride will begin at 12:00 p.m.) any day during Bike to Work Week to join the group ride. Routes range from 4 to 6 miles in length, and will be ridden at a comfortable pace. Each route is a loop beginning and ending at a city park.

Please be sure your bike is in good working condition, but in case of mechanical issues there will be a mechanic in the group and a sweep vehicle on-call.

This is a tour, not a race. All routes are on city streets among traffic, and as such, are subject to the associated risks of commuting. Please brush up on the rules of the road. Participants who do not comply with traffic safety will be asked to leave the tour.

Commute Spokesman, Commute Centurion

Each route of this tour is a real-life commute. The combined mileage of the tour is over 23 miles, which is a commendable accomplishment for first-time cyclists! For those who ride each route AND complete each survey, we have prepared a special title: “Commute Spokesman”. Such a person now has a special sense of what it means to ride bikes in Spokane.

For those fool-hardy cyclists out there who like ridiculous challenges (you know who you are), we have created a 100-mile or “century” commute ride that incorporates all five of the tour routes! Those who complete the century route as well as the five surveys will receive the commanding title: “Commute Centurion”.

Knowing that not all participants will be able to take every lunch-hour ride, the completion of any route can be accomplished at your own pace and timing. The deadline for accomplishing this task will be July 31st at midnight. Take note that all five surveys must be completed by the registered participant to fulfill the requirements of becoming a Commute Spokesman or a Commute Centurion.


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