State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Public Notifications

SEPA Notice of Building Application

Under the requirements of the Washington Administrative Code, SEPA Rules (WAC 197-11) and the Spokane Municipal Code for Land Use Application Procedures (SMC, Section 17G.060.120), Public Notice, each applicant submitting a SEPA Checklist must notify the public of its proposed project. This public notice allows the general public and others of interest the opportunity to participate in the environmental analysis and review on the project. These comments must be received prior to the issuance of a Determination of Non-significance; they will be considered in light of any environmental issues, and they will become a part of the record.

27,000SF Pre-Engineered Steel Building - B2004655 - 1810 N. Greene St
Public Comment Period 05/18/2020 to 06/01/2020
CVS Renovation - B2001907 - 2820 N Astor
Public Comment Period - 05/14/2020 to 05/28/2020
Auto Credit Sales - B2000939 - 2712 N Ruby
Public Comment Period - not yet started
Spokane Boxcar Apartments - B2003311 - 15 N Grant
Public Comment Period 04/29/2020 to 05/13/2020
AJ Dev. - B2004669 - 6219 N Myrtle
Public Comment Period 04/06/2020 to 05/26/2020
Health Science Blgd. - B2004940 - 840 E Spokane Falls Blvd
Public Comment Period 04/24/2020 to 05/26/2020
Paw Print Genetics - B2005610 - 519 E North Foothills Dr.
Public Comment Period 05/01/2020 to TBD
The Papillion - B2004604 -532 W Cataldo
Public Comment Period 04/07/2020 to 05/19/2020

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